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What About Sexy Guys?

Attractive male champs, role-specific ranks, and some thoughts on jungle plants.

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This week, it’s jungle plants, role-specific ranks, and sexy male champions. Oh, and Ask Riot’s one-year anniversary is coming up, and we’ll be posing your questions directly to Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill and Brandon “Ryze” Beck, aka the co-founders of Riot and co-creators of League. If you’ve got any questions for ‘em, ask away (and use their names so we can find your questions in the pile)!


There’s lots of sexy female characters like Ahri and Evelynn, but there’s yet to be a really seductive male character. Can we expect a sexy male champion in the future?


The short answer to this question is of course! The long answer is a bit more complicated.

What makes a champion sexy is pretty subjective and differs from person to person. Some people find Ahri attractive while others find Jinx attractive. We try to make different champions for different people and tastes. Varus, Taric, Ezreal and the newly released Rakan come to my mind as some of the sexy bois we currently have in the game. Even Jhin probably has a certain dark, mysterious allure to some.

That being said, we can never have too many pretty boy champions, and we certainly aren’t hitting all the personality types that our players are interested in.

I’m interested in turning it around to all of you: What types of attractive male champions or male personalities are you interested in seeing in League? What are we currently not providing? Let us know in the comments and we will keep them in mind for future champions.

Lead Producer of Champions

Will you ever implement ranks for different roles?


TL;DR: We believe having ranks for different positions could be a big improvement. However, there are a number of tricky problems we would need to solve before introducing something like this.

Having matchmaking ratings and rankings for each position could provide a few benefits:

  • Since players have varying skills in different positions it could result in more accurate matchmaking.
  • Right now, League’s ranked system rewards specialist players, narrowing progression and achievement. A per-position rank could reward players who pursue a broad set of positions.

However, we would have to approach this carefully—it wouldn’t be as simple as adding matchmaking ratings and ranks for each position. A number of problems could arise when changing ranked to accommodate more specific progression:

  • It may feel much worse when not getting the position you want and being unable to level up your primary rank. Getting put into secondary or fill could feel less meaningful, cause an increase in dodges, or just straight-up cause players to take that individual game less seriously. One solution here could be to have an overall rating (or link all existing ratings) to keep the match competitive.
  • You can trade champions in the pregame, but we have no formal system in place to swap positions. By champ select the game would have been matchmade with the position you are playing in mind so if you end up trading for top after being assigned mid, it would affect the balance of the game, and we would have to account for that for both teams when handing out LP.

If we do move forward with this (nothing locked in yet!), we’re gonna have to solve these problems in stages, because making any changes to the ranking system is pretty disruptive. The first part is having better tracking and understanding of each player’s skill in each position, in both design and tech. When that’s in place, we’ll know how best to proceed with position ranks—as long as we can find a reasonable solution that doesn’t sacrifice the competitiveness of games. As always, if you have ideas, feel free to send them our way. We’d love to hear them!


Now that plants have been around for awhile, what do you guys think of them? Any plans to change them or add new ones in the future?


Plants are currently in a good spot. They’ve proven to be impactful tools that players use to varied degrees of success. They’re in a place where players understand the basic patterns of when and where they’ll be on the Rift, but have to adapt to the particular times they find the Blast Cone, or tweak the angle on the Scryer’s Bloom to cover their current blind spots.

We’ll probably make changes to plants at some point, but “changing plants” wouldn’t be its own goal—more the means to an end. For example, if we want to change game pacing, map themes, or tactical unpredictability, plants changes may show up. But plants have particular thematic, accessibility, and game health limitations to consider, so the next Summoner’s Rift iteration may focus on something entirely different, like new structures or terrain features. Plants are one tool in a larger push to make the Rift a living, more dynamic battlefield.

Senior Design Manager, Game Systems

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