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Gangplank announcer and weakened exhaust

Thoughts on weakened exhaust, what’s under Summoner’s Rift, and what may happen with the Gangplank announcer.

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This week it’s the Gangplank announcer, exhaust changes, and what lies beneath.


Will we ever get the Gangplank announcer back? What about other announcer packs?


The Gangplank announcer pack was a blast to make and we’re glad you guys enjoyed playing with it! We’re not against the idea of bringing back the Gangplank announcer — or even making new announcers in the future.

These would be based on opportunity, though, and not a regular thing like say skins, game modes or champions. If it makes sense and fits well with a particular event (and sounds awesome :D), it’s something we’d definitely explore. I wouldn’t expect them at regular intervals for now, though, and there aren’t any current plans to put the GP announcer back into rotation.

Lead Designer, Rotating Game Modes

Can you talk more about why you weakened exhaust? Is this part of the plan to enhance support champions?


Exhaust felt like it doubled down too hard as a damage reduction and damage amplification tool. It already flat out reduced damage dealt by its target and its slow is potent enough as a catch tool for focusing down enemies in many situations. In a sense, we were trimming some of the fat off of Exhaust that we felt made it too universally potent as a summoner spell choice — we wanted choosing Exhaust to be part of your strategy, not just a default option.

This was not part of the plan to enhance support champions and we recognize that the change does lower the power of support picks who relied on its efficacy interim, but we feel the game is better holistically for more roles after this change.

Game Designer, Live Gameplay

What is under Summoner’s Rift?


Each warrior slain or support who sacrificed themselves to save their ADC seeps into the gritted soil of Summoner’s Rift upon death, absorbed into the dirt, their life essence working its way past the tangled jungle roots and deep into the bedrock of the battlefield. There, the souls sit and sift over time, slowly being refined as the champions whose feet still tread above them gradually wear them down like a groove rubbed into a rock (with enough patience). And just before the soul slips into nothingness, when all that remains is the slightest grain of the mighty legend it once came from, the speck of soul drips to the deepest, bottom-most layer of Summoner’s Rift, crystallizing into a hardened crust of pure salt.

Editor, R&D

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