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Unlock and equip an esports team icon

It’s time to equip your favorite team icon.

As you’re counting down to the return of Spring Split, it’s time to equip your favorite team icon. If you’re an icon collector, your favorite player switched teams, or you’ve changed allegiances to a new team, you can grab an individual team icon for 250 RP.

If you want to support an entire League or you don’t play favorites, you can purchase regional bundles for 20% off until April 30.

With each icon purchase, 50% of the revenue from the team icons will be shared with the teams. For icon bundles, the 50% of the revenue will be evenly distributed among the teams in the regional bundle.

Icons for Kabum (CBLOL), FlyQuest (NA LCS), and VCSA team icons will become available in the next patch. The CBLOL, NA LCS, and VCSA bundles will be delayed to the 7.2 patch for the final icons, the rest of their regional icons will be available unless noted above.

The following bundles will be available from January 18-April 30:

2017 EU LCS Spring Icons Bundle – 20% off at 2000 RP

  • Fnatic, Giants, G2 EsportsH2K, Misfits, Origen, ROCCAT, Splyce, Team Vitality, Unicorns of Love

2017 LPL Spring Icons Bundle – 20% off at 2400 RP

  • Edward Gaming, Game Talents, I MAY, Invictus Gaming, LGD Gaming, Newbee, Royal Never Give Up, OH MY GOD, QG Reapers, Snake EsportsVici Gaming, Team WE

2017 LCK Spring Icons Bundle – 20% off at 2000 RP

  • Afreeca Freecsbbq OLIVERS, Jin Air Green Wings, KT RolsterKongdoo Monster, Longzhu Gaming, MVP, ROX Tigers, Samsung Galaxy, SK Telecom T1

2017 LJL Spring Icons Bundle – 20% off at 1200 RP

  • 7th Heaven, DetonatioN FocusMe, Rampage, Rascal Jester, Scarz, Unsold Stuff Gaming

2017 LAN Spring Icons Bundle – 20% off at 1600 RP

  • Dash9 Gaming, Gaming Gaming, Infamous Gaming, Infinity eSports, Just Toys Havoks, Lyon Gaming, Predators EsportsZaga Talent Gaming

2017 LAS Spring Icons Bundle – 20% off at 1200 RP

  • Furious Gaming, Hafnet E-Sports, Isurus Gaming, Kaos Latin Gamers, Last Kings, Rebirth Esports

2017 LCL Spring Icons Bundle – 20% off at 1600 RP

  • Gambit CIS, M19Natus Vincere, ROX, Team Just Alpha, Vaevictis eSports, Vega Squadron,

2017 OPL Spring Icons – 20% off at 1600 RP

  • Abyss, Avant Garde, Chiefs, Dire Wolves, Exile 5, Legacy, Sin Gaming, Tainted Minds

2017 LMS Spring Icons – 20% off at 1600 RP

  • ahq eSports Club, eXtreme Gamer eSport Club, Fireball Limited, Flash Wolves, HongKong eSports, J Team, Machi e-Sports, Wayi Spider

2017 TCL Spring Icons – 20% off at 1600 RP

  • 1907 Fenerbahçe Espor, Dark Passage.BKM Express, Galatasaray EsportsGalakticos, HWA GAMING, Oyunfor.CREW, SuperMassive eSports, Team AURORA

After the next patch, these bundles will be available until April 30:

2017 CBLOL Spring Icons – 20% off at 2000 RP

  • Brave E-sports, CNB, INTZ, KaBuMKeyd Stars, paiN Gaming, Operation Kino, Red Canids

2017 NA LCS Spring Icons – 20% off at 2000 RP

  • Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming, Echo Fox, FlyQuest, Immortals, Phoenix1, Team Dignitas, Team Envy, Team Liquid, TSM

2017 VCSA Spring Icons – 20% off at 1400 RP

  • Cantho Cherry, eHub United, Gygabyte Marines, Next Gen, ROG Friends, Young Generation, Team Ultimate
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