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New Year’s Resolutions

What are League’s teams focusing on in 2017?

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Happy 2017! This week on Ask Riot, League’s teams talk their very, very serious New Year’s Resolutions.

Champ Update

  • We’re finally updating Ryze.
  • Give Jax a real weapon.
  • Re-tool Singed to better suit the support end-game fantasy.


  • Ranked 2018: Seven ranked queues. Four clients.
  • Launch global education initiative replacing school grades with solo queue rank.


  • True. Damage.
  • Attempt first six-hit passive.

Personalization (AKA Skins Team)

  • Small goal: Three new Teemo skins. Large goal: SIX new Teemo skins.
  • Start production on SKT Worlds 2017 and 2018 championship skins.

Patch Notes

  • Make an obscure reference to an earlier patch note reference Go deeper
  • Write a literal novel for next pre-season’s patch notes
  • See how far we can stretch the meaning of “at a later time”


  • Change all red names to “Cactopus”
  • Mute the actual Cactopus
  • Purchase round table


  • 1. Introduce new item. 2. Nerf champions who are too strong with this item.
    3. Remove the item.
  • 5 AD


  • Announce full retcon of all lore; champions are now toys and Summoner’s Rift is your imagination.
  • Reveal George the Frog’s dark and mysterious past.
  • Shyvana X Ezreal: Chapters 1-3


  • Clone Faker, create full team of Fakers to challenge original Faker, SKT wins anyway.
  • Leak letter asking everyone to stop leaking letters.

Player Behavior

  • We’ll have an update on Honor as soon as our chat restriction expires


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