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Yes, It’s Snowing

Winter returns to the Rift and Poppy hits the gym.

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This week, let’s talk winter wonderlands, mouse macros, and pumping iron. Also, Ask Riot lives in Nexus now! Yay!


Will it ever snow again on the Rift?


We answered this one a few weeks ago, but we’ve got an update!

You may have already seen but, it’s getting colder on the Rift.. and some snow has started to fall. This is still just a first pass and is heavily a work in progress, but we’re currently knee-deep in efforts to bring back some snow to Summoner’s Rift. We were fortunate to find a solution to some of the previously described problems with a Winter SR, and some more time to focus on the idea.

We want to start delivering more thematic experiences like this, or the spooky Summoner’s Rift we did for Doom Bots during the Teemoing event. Can’t make any specific promises right now, but stay tuned. In the meantime, we’re shoveling through the snow to get Summoner’s Rift ready for battle!

Lead Designer, Rotating Game Modes

What’s the official stance on mouse macros (Razer, Steelseries, etc.)? Are they allowed?


We don’t have a problem with keyboard macros or mouse customization. I personally have one of my mouse buttons mapped to “attack move”. What we don’t allow is anything that makes decisions for you or takes actions on your behalf. Check here for a list of what’s allowed and what’s not, and remember that we often update our stance as new issues emerge.

Product Owner, Anti-Cheat

Who would be the strongest champion in League if there were no constraints? In other words, who can lift the most, bro?


Tough question… Braum is definitely keeping those muscles in shape carting that door around like it’s a handbag. Volibear could flip a banquet table set with a Demacian feast with his pinky (do battle bears have pinkies?). And Mundo definitely qualifies as brawn over brains. But for my money? No one lifts harder than Poppy. Sure, she’s small. Sure, she’s pastel. She may walk softly, but she carries a BIG HAMMER. And when she swings that hammer of hers, whatever’s in her way… isn’t anymore. So if I needed help moving furniture or clearing boulders off a train track in a hurry, she’d be my first call.

Editor, R&D

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