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Competitive Ruling: Echo Fox

Echo Fox has failed to submit an eligible roster for a game and will forfeit that game.

TL;DR: Echo Fox has failed to submit an eligible roster for Saturday’s game and will forfeit that game.  Despite multiple deadline extensions, they were unable to field a roster in time to give fair notice to their Saturday opponent.


Late last week, we received reports from multiple teams questioning the eligibility status of multiple foreign players.  Our previous work eligibility process was based on guarantees made by teams as well as high level spot checks of visa paperwork, but given the seriousness and breadth of the allegations, it was clear that such a system was not adequate for proving eligibility in the case of disputes.

Accordingly, we instituted mandatory submission of full work eligibility documents for all players.  All teams were required to submit eligibility proof by this past Tuesday, January 19th, at 11:59PM PST. In the spirit of competition, we worked closely with Echo Fox through multiple deadline extensions to get an eligible roster. Unfortunately, they were not able to submit an eligible roster, and with no time left to give their Saturday opponent reasonable and fair knowledge of any potentially compliant roster for preparation, we have no choice but to disqualify FOX for Saturday’s game against NRG.

We are working with FOX to get an eligible roster in place in time for their match this Sunday.


According to Rule 1.3 of the LCS Rulebook all players must be work eligible to play in the LCS, and as such we will be imposing upon FOX a Game Forfeiture for their Week 2 match against NRG.

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