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The Summoner’s Code

A guide to player conduct in League of Legends

Don’t rage, blame or tear people down

We’ve all had tough games where we fell behind, got camped super hard or missed an easy smite, only to get flamed in chat. Avoid making others feel that same way and report the ones who do.

Play as a team, win as a team!

A coordinated team is extremely difficult to take down. No matter how hard you feel like you’re carrying individually, blaming others and refusing to co-operate with teammates gives your opponent an advantage.

Make allies on the Rift.

You win some, you lose some. Meanwhile, why not send a friend invite to anybody you particularly enjoyed having on your team? Taking allies into battle will help you win more games and make even the losses more enjoyable.

Never feed intentionally and don’t give up the fight!

Seeking revenge on your own team by intentionally feeding and helping the opposing team does not promote fair play. Keep a cool head if you fall behind, don’t give up and always do your best.

Lead the way for newbies, be helpful.

Never forget the excitement you felt when you first set foot on the Rift. Don’t mock newbies who are still learning the ropes or urge them to give up on League. Instead offer a hand when they stumble.

Keep your account information private.

Sharing your account information with a friend can cause your account to be stolen for good or draw a ban for negative behaviour you didn’t commit. Logging into third-party sites with your League account information also exposes you to risk of account theft.

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