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Lissandra’s Helmet?

Champion damage, Spotify, Ahri, and Lissandra’s eyewear.

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Hello gamers. Today we’re talking about music, stories, damage, and Lissandra.


Will Riot add the login screen music to Spotify or other music platforms?


We’d like to! There’s a huge collection of music we’ve made for League over the years, and we’re looking into ways to provide easier (and better) access to it. This could possibly include hosting it on platforms like Spotify. No concrete plans yet, but stay tuned for another update later this year.

Head of Riot Music Group

Why does Lissandra wear a helmet over her eyes? What is it for?


Lissandra was blinded by the claws of a primal demi-god, when she and her sisters sought to conquer all the lands of the ancient Freljord. In spite of the many wondrous and terrifying things she has achieved in the millennia since, her magic has never been able to restore her sight.

From her mighty citadel, she has become the spiritual leader of the Frostguard, many of whom are missionaries and healers among the tribes. Her helm and garb are somewhat ceremonial in that role, but also make one truth very clear to any who are unfortunate enough to meet her in person—she does not need eyes to see through the mysteries and intrigues of the world around her.

Lead Narrative Editor

How do you decide if a champion should deal magical or physical damage?


There are two main considerations.

We tend to first default to what “feels” right for the champion. Generally people who cast spells (like mages) deal magic damage, and people who attack a lot (like fighters) deal physical damage. Using this as a rule makes it easier for newer players to understand what’s going on and make the right itemization choices. “Is Annie killing me? She looks magical! I should buy magic resistance.”

A second consideration for damage types of specific spells that will sometimes override what “feels” right is based on how a champion is intended to scale. Dealing entirely one type of damage means your kit scales better with penetration purchases (like Last Whisper and Void staff), but also gets countered harder by early defensive buys (like Merc treads and Ninja Tabi). We will often give primarily physical damage champions a spell that deals magic damage to smooth out their power curves. The magic damage spikes earlier during the laning phase, but then starts to fall off later in the game as the champ specs into AD and physical pen. Yasuo’s E is a good example of this paradigm. E’ing champions in lane is an effective trading tool, but the spell scales poorly as the game progresses and his Q and basic attacks take over.

Senna’s Designer

I am delighted by the lore of many of my favorite champions, among which is Ahri. Her history is deep and sad, but will we ever get to hear more about Ahri’s deceased boyfriend? And in the future, will there be more stories involving Wukong?


It’s great that you are enjoying the stories we’re telling. I hope you will continue to follow these champions as we really start to ramp it up for the rest of 2019, and beyond!

I don’t like to make too many specific promises (or give too many hints about our plans, in case I spoil anything) but suffice to say, just because something is not mentioned in a given story, doesn’t mean it’s not a huge and formative part of who a champion is, or that we won’t cover it in some way later.

Will we tell more stories involving Wukong? Certainly.

More stories about Ahri, involving Wukong? Why, what have you heard…? ;-)

Lead Narrative Editor

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