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Kled Skin & Code Names

Champion code names, balancing for Bronze, the Void, and a Kled skin.

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This week, we’re talking balance for Bronze, code names, the Void, and whether Kled is getting a new skin.


Does riot take bronze into consideration for balance?


Our starting point for balance is Plat+ solo queue. We take balance states in other contexts into account too though, primarily when something is really dominant. If someone like Master Yi is extremely strong in Bronze we might nerf him, even if he’s not necessarily a problem in higher MMRs. Or, at the other end of things, it might mean we nerf someone like Ryze if he’s way out of line in pro play and is therefore creating a poor spectator experience, even if he’s not an issue in most other contexts.

In many cases champions are balanceable across a range of skill levels. Where that’s not the case, we’ll work to tweak their kits so they can be balanced for everyone. In some cases that’d clash with their core as a champion though (Kalista with her passive and ally interactions, for example), so sometimes we’ll end up balancing specific champs more for some audiences than others.

Game Design Director

Dear riot, as a kled main, will he ever get a new skin?


Yes, we’re working on one now. It should be out by the end of the year, and so should a new skin for Camille!

Product Manager

What are some of the code names you used for champions while they were in development? Like how Tahm Kench was Fish Tank.


While I can’t remember every code name, here are the ones I can remember—and the ones people around the office remembered.

  • Lee Sin – Marty Punchman
  • Rumble – Yordle in a Mech
  • Graves – Gunslinger
  • Lulu – Waena
  • Jayce – Apollo
  • Rengar – Wrengar
  • Elise – Spider Queen
  • Nami – Mermaid
  • Vi – Piltover Enforcer
  • Thresh – Chain Warden
  • Quinn – Falconeer
  • Zac – Blob
  • Aatrox – Demon Blade
  • Lucian – Gun Templar
  • Jinx – Psycho Arsenal
  • Vel’Koz – Professor Eyebeam
  • Braum – CeCe
  • Gnar – Yordle Hulk
  • Azir – Sand Mage
  • Kalista – Spectral Legionnaire
  • Rek’Sai – Burrower
  • Bard – Bard
  • Ekko – Time Assassin
  • Tahm Kench – Fish Tank
  • Kindred – Jmarks
  • Illaoi – Kraken Priestess
  • Jhin – Deadeye
  • Aurelion Sol – Ao Shin
  • Taliyah – Stoneweaver
  • Kled – Yonag (Yordle not riding a Griffin)
  • Ivern – Druid
  • Camille – Hookshot
  • Xayah & Rakan – Duo
  • Kayn – Nemesis
  • Ornn – Blacksmith
  • Zoe – Mirror Mage
  • Kai’Sa – Void ADC
  • Pyke – Support Assassin
Lead Producer of Champions

Why is the Void purple?


From a lore perspective, the Void itself—that vast and unknowable realm that hungers to end all existence—is not actually any color at all. It’s the complete absence of light, heat, gravity, time, or any other trappings of the material plane.

When rifts or portals open into Runeterra, I imagine there’s some pretty scary, physics-bending stuff going on around it, which also probably disturbs and upsets the balance of natural magic too. It could well appear purple to mortals who were unlucky enough to witness it, and in fact I wouldn’t be surprised to see some colors that don’t even have names mixed in there as well…

From a design and art perspective, purple can be seen very clearly against green, making it a great contrast color for when you need something to look unnatural on Summoner’s Rift. At an unconscious level, that’s probably the most effective visual shorthand for unspeakable horrors from beyond.

Lead Narrative Editor, LoL

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